Redhead Addiction

I’ve been wanting to be a redhead for years now and after flooding redhead photos in tumblr and facebook, my friends knew I really want to dye my hair red. And so, being a hair-hero-best-friend, Gae told me she’ll help me dye my hair red!:) Hoooraaay!


What made me want to have red hair is actually a photo from tumblr. I saw a photo of this girl:

Then there’s like a flood of her photos at tumblr primetime, that’s why I searched who this girl is and I found out that she’s a character from the TV series Skins. She’s Emily, girl friend of Naomi. Controversial eeh?:) Anyhoo, this made me fall in love and get addicted to redheads. Made me want to be a redhead everyday.:)

And so this craving is then turned to reality. The Hair Goddess, Gae went to my place with my girls which made that afternoon-evening one of the best days ever!

Jam, Gae, Me

So yea they went there. That was a Sunday. We started the hair coloring thing but our time wasn’t enough that’s why we somewhat tested it in just portions of my hair so we can go to church at 5pm. Too bad there’s no mass when we get there for there’s something like a procession, so we just bought food and went back home to continue.

This was actually before attending church when we tested it. And yes I felt success. HAHA. Since this was the first time we saw each other again after the OJT, we had some drinks while doing this and a fun food trip and partying. lol We had a ustream session that night and again, another unexpected overnight with friends at my house!

So that morning was like yeaaa! HAHA.  Finally, I’m a redhead. For 20 pesos. lol


Since we just had this redhead unexpected trip, and my craving was that severe, we just bought a Chinese branded hair dye for it really makes the hair red. I got Loreal two times but it never gave me the shade of red I wanted no matter how long I had it on. I should have bleached it first. What a dummy.:) And this chinese branded thingy damaged my hair😦 Oh well, it gave me a week of satisfaction and a good memory of me and my friends that would last a lifetime.:)


Before I end this, I really want to have my red hair back. Do you have suggestions?? I searched the net and all they say is that I have to bleach it first, well professionals should do it though. I want a DIY be a redhead today lol.:)


About rainfrancisco

Just stepped out of my teenage years, I am in search of something I don't know what. I lived my life with my messy hair bun and my obsession over vintage keys and things, photographs, red heads, trees' silhouettes, fashion, art and music.
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4 Responses to Redhead Addiction

  1. grasha says:

    Its the first time I ever visited this site.

    • Thanks Graceee!😀 Haven’t updated this yet since Christmas. But yea this is my new baby other than tumblr coz I haven’t been into design yet since my netbook only handles basic stuff😦 . I LOVE YOU GRAAACEEEE :*

  2. Luis says:

    Your new read hair looks really nice. Congrats ^^

    I don’t know when you put this up, but i coment it now😉

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